Wuxi Haihua Machinery plant is located famous Jiangnan city in Changjiang Delta District on the beautiful scenic Taihu coast--Qianzhou Town of Wuxi City . Here is economically developed and it is a Birth place of creative minds and gifted talents . There is developed air-sea-land traffic. It is near to airports of Changzhou,Nanjing and Shanghai etc.and very close to international ports such as Shanghai and Nanjing etc. Jinghu Railway , Huning Expressway and Jinghang Canal all pass through this area. Therefore,the area extends in all directions and has very convenient traffic.
  Our factory is a professional manufacture that is engaged in the production of printing and dyeing machinery, dyeing, Printing & Finishing equipment and carpet machine,carpet equipment of carpet industry,foaming machine,Iatex back carpet equipment and non-woven fabrics machinery,especially that various specifications of dyeing machines and dryers have the main product characteristics of the company in a greater degree
  Because we always persist in the principle Of “the quality is the first,the service is uppermost”,our products are deeply welcomed in various provinces and cites all over the nation and have obtained common good appraisal.
  The director Mr.LianXiangtong With the staff,sincerely welcome people from domestic and overseas and people inside the industry to come here or telephone us to discuss the business or patronize to give us advice ! Let's sincerely cooperate,work together for our mutual benefit,go forward hand in hand and create Splendidness together.
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